Thursday, January 29, 2015

Some Thursday Randomness

Sometimes you see things around the web that are just too cute. Found these household items and there are so any of them that I could buy on whim if I had the funds. The Ototo Designs can be found here (website).
Nessie Ladle

Off the Shelf did a list of 12 Fantastical Pop-Up Books. There were some interesting ones on the list but this was my favorite. Full List (website)

I don't normally like movie covers for books, but I like the new covers for Insurgent better than the actual movie posters I've seen.

Lastly, the trailer for the Fantastic Four reboot. Based on this trailer not really that interested in it. We just watched the original with son and while not a great movie it was at least fun (and a little campy).

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  1. First, b/c it's right in front of me, so I won't be able to focus on anything else until I get it out of the way--Fantastic Four is going to be . . . fantastic. *snickers* ALSO--I really need that nessie ladle. Not even kidding. I really, really want to own it. And wave it around at my sisters b/c they would be so jealous, LOL.