Wednesday, March 21, 2018

This Week's Reads

Call of The Hunt
by LMessecar (DeviantArt)
**Cover art from the Alpha & Omega series

The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales & Dangerous Magic by Leigh Bardugo, Illustrator Sara Kipin
**This is a set of short stories that take place in Bardugo's GrishaVerse. I've read a couple so far, and love both the stories and the illustrations. Shadow and Bone is the only book I've read from this series but do not feel like I'm lost or missing something while reading these shorts.

Burn Bright by Patricia Briggs
Alpha & Omega #5 (Goodreads)
**People scoff but I have been known to say that I love this series even more than the Mercy series. I love Charles and Anna as well as Bran. There's also something about the Montana setting that I love reading about (even if I wouldn't want to live there).

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

New Releases ~ week of 03/19/2018

A Trace of Hope by Blake Pierce (#5 Keri Locke)
Covert Game by Christine Feehan (#14 Ghostwalkers)
Crave to Capture by Zoey Ellis (#2 Myth of Omega)
Double Dog Dare by Gretchen Archer (#7 Davis Way Mysteries)
Dragon Bites by Allyson James (#6 Stormwalker)
Dropping the Hammer by Joanna Wayne (#4 Kavanaugh)
Duel to the Death by J A Jance (#13 Alison Reynolds)
Exiled by Izzy Shows (#4 Space Mage)
Fast Burn by Lori Foster (#4 Body Armor)
Guardian of Darkness by Katie Reus (#7 Darkness)
Her Man on Three Rivers Ranch by Stella Bagwell (#43 Men of the West)
High White Sun by J. Todd Scott (#2 Sheriff Chris Cherry)
On Hart's Boardwalk by Samantha Young (#6.7 On Dublin Street)
Pestilence by Laura Thalassa (The Four Horsemen #1)
Protected by Elisabeth Naughton (#3 Deadly Secrets)
Sindicate by J T Nicholas (#2 The New Lyons Sequence)
Still Loving You by Sheryl Lister (#5 Grays of Los Angeles)
Stone Mad by Elizabeth Bear (#2 Karen Memery)
Tempting Little Tease by Kendall Ryan (#4 Forbidden Desires)
The Bachelor's Perfect Match by Kathryn Springer (#3 Castle Falls)
The Bishop's Pawn by Steve Berry (#13 Cotton Malone)
The Fighter by Reina Torres (#3 Sylvan City Alphas)
The Folded Land by Tim Lebbon (#2 Relics)
The Four Horsemen: Descent by LJ Swallow (#6 The Four Horsemen)
The Heart Forger by Rin Chupeco (#2 The Bone Witch)
The Library the Witch and the Warder by Mindy Klasky (#1 Washington Warders)
The Prophecy by Jennifer L Armentrout (#4 Titan (Covenant Spin-off))
The Temptation of Forgiveness by Donna Leon (#27 Guido Brunetti)
The Valiant by Jillian Dodd (#4 Spy Girl)
Their Destiny by Rebel Rose (#3 Lock and Key)
Torn by Rowenna Miller (#1 The Unraveled Kingdome)
Unlocking Secrets by Kennedy Layne (#2 Keys to Love)
Veiled Enchantments by Deborah Blake (#3 Veiled Magic)
Where We Ended by Nora Flite (#2 Where We Began Duet)
Without Warning by Desiree Holt (#2 Vigilance)
Worlds Apart by James Riley (#5 Story Thieves)
Wrath of the Righteous by Lola St Vil (#4 The Toren Series)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

This Week's Reads

Elantra: High Lord, Consort, Evarrim and Ynpharion
by  MathiaArkoniel (DeviantArt)
**I didn't end up picking up any books from the library this week so sharing some kindle books I've picked up recently.
***This fanart is from one of my favorite series by Michelle Sagara.

Newsletter Exclusives: Volume 1 by Nalini Singh
**This is a compilation of all the short stories that were previously released to Singh's newsletter subscribers. The couple that I've already read tend to be very short, maybe a couple of pages total.

Beyond The Veil by Pippa DaCosta
The Veil #1 (Goodreads)
**I received an offer for a different book by this author but kept seeing mentions of this series when looking at the reviews. Not sure if this is more UF or PNR but it sounds like it has a great lead female so looking forward to reading it.

The Hunter and The Witch by Rachel Chanticleer
Crescent City Arcana #.05 (Goodreads)
**This is a prequel to the Crescent City Arcana series. Anything with witches is going to grab my attention. Add in a Roman warrior enslaved to kill any rival witches (until that one time he doesn't) and it sound like a recipe for a good story. I am also not familiar with this author and thought it would be a good way to check out her writing.
***This is a free read from the kindle store.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

New Releases ~ week of 03/12/2018

A Dangerous Game by Heather Graham (#3 New York Confidential)
A Different Kind of Evil by Andrew Wilson (#2 Agatha Christie)
Bad Girl by T. E. Woods (#2 Hush Money)
Bones Don't Lie by Melinda Leigh (#3 Morgan Dane)
Caribbean Rim by Randy Wayne White (#25 Doc Ford)
Dearest Ivie by J. R. Ward (#15.5 Black Dagger Brotherhood)
Death Al Fresco by Leslie Karst (#3 Sally Solari Mystery)
Death of an Unsung Hero by Tessa Arlen (#4 Lady Montfort)
Dirty Games by HelenKay Dimon (#2 Dirty)
Fade to Black by David Rosenfelt (#2 Doug Brock)
For This Moment by Holly Bush (#2 The Gentrys of Paradise)
Get It On by J. Kenner (#5 Man of the Month)
His Deal by Rebel Rose (#2 Lock and Key)
HOT Angel by Lynn Raye Harris (#12 Hostile Operations Team)
Justice for Milena by Susan Stoker (#10 Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes)
Lethal in Old Lace by Duffy Brown (#5 Consignment Shop Mysteries)
Looking Glass by Andrew Mayne (#2 Naturalist)
Lord Montague by Mary Kingswood (#4 Sons of the Marquess)
Not-So-Lucky Lefty by Megan McDonald (#10 Judy Moody and Friends)
Obsidio by Jay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman (#3 Illuminae Files)
Playing With Bonbon Fire by Dorothy St James (#2 Southern Chocolate Shop Mystery)
Ride Dirty by Laura Kaye (#3.5 Raven Riders)
Searcher of the Dead by Nancy Herriman (#1 Bess Ellyott Mystery)
Six Feet Under by Tonya Kappes (#4 Kenni Lowry Mystery)
The Beachcomber by Ines Thorn (#2 The Island of Sylt Trilogy)
The Midnight District by Angela Roquet (#3 Spero Heights)
The Naturalist by Andrew Mayne (#1 Naturalist)
The Purloined Puzzle by Parnell Hall (#19 Puzzle Lady)
The Radical Element by Jessica Spotswood (A Tyranny of Petticoats #2)
The Rising Sea by Clive Cussler, Graham Brown (#15 The NUMA® Files)
Time Bomb by Joelle Charbonneau
Twisted and Tied by Mary Calmes (#4 Marshals)
Verak by Adam Blade (#21 Beast Quest Special)
Vindictive by Willow Winters (#5 Sins and Secrets Series of Duets)

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

This Week's Reads

Magic Stone
by VityaR83 (DeviantArt)

This Fallen Prey by Kelley Armstrong
Rockton #3 (Goodreads)
**I have really enjoyed the first two books in this series and seen good things about this one. With my sporadic reading of late I'm hoping this will get me back into a normal for me reading flow.

The Immortals by Jordanna Max Brodsky
Olympus Bound #1 (Goodreads)
**I actually grabbed Olympus Bound but realized it is book 3 and I still hadn't gotten around to reading this one. I've always been a fan of mythology and I like the idea of it mixed with UF.

Silence by Michelle Sagara
The Queen of The Dead #1 (Goodreads)
**I already finished this one and liked it a lot more than I was expecting. Emma finds out she is a necromancer from the people sent to kill her before she came into her powers. I did wish there was more info about the hunters group and even more about the necromancers themselves. We are basically told that they are all evil but other than one other necromancer later in the story we only know Emma so hard to go from that.