Thursday, October 13, 2011

Book Review ~ The Alchemyst

The Alchemyst (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel #1)
By Michael Scott
Published By Delacorte

Summary: The tomb of Nicholas Flamel is empty. The greatest alchemist of his day supposedly died in 1418, but rumors continue to swirl that he continues to walk among us. Could it be true that this magician/chemist has access to the secret of eternal life? Could the Book of Abraham, which he purportedly owns, hold the key to this elixir? If it does, the theft of this single ancient volume could destroy the world as we know it. 

My Thoughts: I'm so very torn about this book/series. I wanted to like it and for the most part I did but there was a big flaw that is still nagging at me and causing me to not want to read the next book. I really dislike books that are good vs evil and only one side seems to be having any success while the other spends the whole book just surviving. There were several times while reading where it felt like the author was going to need to come up with some new characters because the current batch was not going to make it.
That aside, I did like the most of the characters. I found Dr John Dee to be a suitable "evil" even if everything seemed to be a little to easy for him. The twins came off as likable but kinda generic. For most of the book you never would have known they were teenagers if the author did not remind you. Scatty and Perenelle were my favorite characters and may be the thing that causes me to pick up the next book.
Overall, it wasn't a waste of a read but also didn't feel completely satisfying once finished. It may be awhile before I try the second book.

Rating: 3

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  1. Maybe you should try Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist! ;)