Wednesday, April 17, 2013

mini Book Review ~ Into The Woods

Into The Woods: Tales From the Hollows and Beyond (The Hollows #10.1)

by Kim Harrison
published by Harper Voyager
genre: Adult, anthologies, Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural

The Hollows
The Bespelled: How Ceri became bound to Al
Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel: Rachel makes a deal with her brother. She either can manage a high level spell or has to move out West and go to school. I liked seeing Rachel before she was the bad ass that we are all used to.
Undead in the Garden of Good and Evil: Ivy. I read this more for the parts with Kisten than Ivy. That being said, it was still interesting to find out how Ivy became a runner.
Dirty Magic: Mia, banshee. A look into how hard it is to be a banshee in the Hollows.
The Bridges of Eden Park: Kisten and Rachel saving his nephew from becoming a gift from the child's father to a Master Vamp. I had read this before but I enjoyed how even with all the action that takes place you still get a glimpse of quiet Rachel and Kisten.
Ley Line Drifter: This story focuses on a run with Jenks and Bis (with a little help from Ivy). A book/series based on Jenks and Bis as partners on everyday runs is something I would pick up. I was entertained even without the usual main characters.
Million Dollar Baby: Kisten will always be my favorite from this series but Trent moves up a little more with each book. This story added to the Trent love. From accepting Jenks as a partner in his "Elf Quest" to the first look at his daughter, you cannot help but like the guy a little.

Beyond The Hollows
Pet Shop Boys: A mix of fairy and vampires. This is a series I would give a try. There was a enough here to make me want more.
Temson Estates: This was about dryads. It wasn't my favorite, but readable.
Spider Silk: This was another dryad short. I liked this one more than the previous. It was a nice mix of dryad (reminded me of a mischievous fay) with a family history that was passed down in bedtime stories.
Grace: This was probably my favorite of the non-Hollow shorts. I loved the whole world. People with magical power over energy that can go terribly wrong if not caught early. I also really liked the characters that were introduced in this short.

Rating: 4

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