Monday, February 24, 2014

Review ~ Fables: March of the Wooden Soldiers

Fables: March of the Wooden Soldiers; Vol.4

by Bill Willingham
illustrated by Mark Buckingham, Craig Hamilton, Steve Leiahola, P. Craig Russell
published by Vertigo
genre: Graphic Novel, Adult, Fantasy, Re-tellings

Summary (Goodreads):  When Little Red Riding Hood suddenly walks through the gate between this world and the lost Fable Homelands, she's welcomed as a miraculous survivor by nearly everyone - everyone except her old nemesis, Bigby Wolf, who smells spying and subversion more than survival. But will he be able to prove his case before disaster strikes? And how will it all affect Prince Charming's upstart campaign to become the new mayor of Fabletown?

My Thoughts: Storywise, this was one of my favorites so far (I know I'm only on vol. 4). The Illustrations were what I've become used to and did not disappoint. They really help add to the written storylines.
I liked learning more about the original war with the Adversary that caused the fables to flee to  New York. I also liked knowing about fables that did not make out alive and not wondering if they will show up in the future.
Lots of focus on Little Boy Blue and Red Riding Hood. How they formed a relationship amid the war and how that was used to forward the story.
The usual main characters were present and for the first time we had everyone from both Fabletown and The Farm together working towards a common goal.
Overall, I liked where this started and how it moved the story forward. Still cannot stand Prince Charming and would like to see less of him (I know this isn't going to happen). Interested in how Snow and Bigby deal with having a child and how all the remaining characters react to the aftermath of the attack.

Rating: 4

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