Thursday, June 12, 2014

Some Thursday Randomness

Thursday Randomness

So we finally got around to watching Frozen this past weekend. With a 9 yr old son, it wasn't high on our priority list.

I went into this expecting to be blown away. There was so much hype and talk about how this was the greatest thing ever. Needless to say it fell short on all the claims (for me). It was a really good Disney movie and it will get watched again but it is not even close to my favorite ever. 
There were great moments/animation that were visually stunning, like the ice castle being created (this was probably my favorite part of the whole movie). I'm okay with the song, my son not so much. He covered his ears when it came on because he is so tired of it from girls singing it constantly at school. I get why it won awards, it's a great song. 
I also liked that the act of true love was between sisters and the (partial) villain was the prince.  I liked the reindeer and my son loves the snowman.
My favorite musically is still Aladdin, especially when the genie shows up. Visually, it's either Brave or Beauty and the Beast. My favorite princess has been Aurora. Sleeping Beauty has been my favorite fairy-tale since I was very little. Plus, a special shout out to Up and The Incredibles two that we will watch even when son is not around.
Thinks I'll go watch some dragons now. Looking forward to the sequel coming out this week. Hope it's as good as they are saying.


  1. LOL. I wasn't blown away by this either. There were definitely moments, but I thought most of the songs were lame, and that snowman was annoying. I'm looking forward to How to Train Your Dragon 2 as well. I think it will be MUCH better.

    Jessica @ Rabid Reads

    1. Hope it is. I always get worried when they start hyping things.

  2. I just watched Frozen very recently too. # 1 and I had a fight earlier that day, so I wanted something light & happy, and it hit the spot.