Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday Randomness

I somehow missed this on Tuesday. The last volume of the Fables series came out this week. I'm still on vol. 19 and have all the side stories (like the Jack of Fables) to read as well. I've really enjoyed this series and it got me reading in a genre that I hadn't paid much attention to before I started reading these.

Fan Art/ Cover Art
While looking for Fables artwork or fan art found the DeviantArt page for Dan Dos Santos (DsIllustrations). Had a couple of Fables artwork I really liked as well as covers for some of my favorite books. Not sure how I missed this artist before now.
Fables Deluxe Edition, book 9
by DSIllustration
I don't remember this story but have to find it now because of this picture...
Peter and Max
by DSillustration
Not Fables but one of my favorite Mercy covers
Bone Crossed
by DSIllustration
Short Story video by Tyler Novo. Teddy Bears fighting the monsters under the bed.

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