Thursday, July 7, 2011

Book Review (Shorts) ~ Dark and Stormy Knights

Dark and Stormy Knights
edited by: P.N. Elrod
Published by: St. Martin's Press

Summary (Goodreads): It was a dark and stormy knight, and nine dark defenders embarked upon a most perilous quest….
They’re the ultimate defenders of humanity—modern day knights who do dark deeds for all the right reasons. In this all-star collection, nine of today’s hottest paranormal authors bring us thrilling, all-new stories of supernatural knights that are brimming with magic mystery and mayhem.
John Marcone sets aside his plans to kill Harry Dresden to go head-to-head with a cantrev lord in Jim Butcher’s Even Hand.  Kate Daniels is called upon for bodyguard duty to protect Saimen, a shifter she trusts less than the enemy in Ilona Andrews’ A Questionable Client.  Cormac must stop a killer werewolf before it attacks again on the next full moon in Carrie Vaughn’s God’s Creatures.  And in Vicki Pettersson’s Shifting Star, Skamar gets more than she bargained for when she goes after a creature kidnapping young girls—and enlists the aid of her frustratingly sexy neighbor.
When everything’s on the line, will these knights complete their missions and live to fight again another day?  Find out in Dark and Stormy Knights!

My Thoughts:
A Questionable Client by Ilona Andrews: I was more interested in the story of the tree, acorn, and Russians than I was in Saimen but it was still a good story to start of this set.

Even Hand by Jim Butcher: No Harry in this story but (even if it's wrong) Marcone is one of my favorites in this series. We get to see a slightly different side of him before he goes back to the guy we all know.

The Beacon by Shannon K Butcher: Is destiny something we are born to or what we make it and where do you draw the line. I enjoyed this short more than I thought I would.

Even a Rabbit Will Bite by Rachel Caine: The last dragon and the last dragonslayer. I love Rachel Caine and I loved this story.

Dark Lady by P.N. Elrod: Ghosts, vampires, mobster... it was a good read but not one of my favorites.

Beknighted by Deidre Knight: This would have worked better if I had a clue about the setting, world, characters. etc. It seemed like a full book that was condensed instead of short story.

Shifting Star by Vicki Pettersson: I have only read the 1st book in this series. I could not find when this story takes place but it seems to be well after the 1st, so I didn't finish this one.

Rookwood & Mrs King by Lilith Saintcrow: I liked this one but felt like I was missing something the whole time I was reading it and that feeling did not go away when I was finished.

God's Creatures by Carrie Vaughn: This one's about werewolves. Normally I like Carrie Vaughn but I just did not enjoy this story. No real reason it just didn't work for me.

Rating: 4

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