Friday, February 17, 2012

Follow Friday

Follow Friday is now hosted by TWO hosts, Parajunkee of course and Alison of Alison Can Read. Each host will have their own Feature Blog and this way it'll allow us to show off more new blogs!

Q.BeefcakeandBabes Asks: I like unique names for characters and am looking forward to coming up with some when I start writing. What’s the most unique character name you’ve come across?

A. I had trouble with this one. I can't think of one specific name. OK maybe I can, I read a lot of fantasy and sometimes you can look at a name and spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to pronounce it. I like Tavi from Jim Butcher's Codex Alera series and Bitterblue from Kristin Cashore's The Seven Kingdom's.

What's your favorite name?
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Happy Reading and Have a Great Weekend!!


  1. Fantasy names are often so great, bit it's a hit or miss, of course. I like both Tavi and Bitterblue.
    Old follower. :)
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    Maja @ The Nocturnal Library

  2. Haven't heard of this series but it sounds great!! I really like the name :)

    Happy reading and thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I’m following you now from Follow Friday, and to follow me back, check out My Follow Friday post