Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Book Review ~ DawnKeepers

DawnKeepers (Nightkeepers #2)
by Jessica Andersen
published by Signet
genre: Adult, UF, PNR, Fantasy, Mythology

Summary (Goodreads): Though a Nightkeeper, Nate Blackhawk refuses to allow others to control his fate. The gods have even tried to influence his love life, sending him visions of Alexis Gray, a sleek blonde who is everything he’s ever wanted in a woman.

The two warriors can’t deny their attraction. But a frightening vision leads Nate to distance himself in spite of the intense passion he feels. Thrown together once more, they must reassemble seven Mayan artifacts that hold the key to preventing the end of the world…

My Thoughts: Mixed on this one. Even more than I was on the first book. I really enjoyed the UF feel of the good vs evil storyline. I also liked the Xibalan as the bad guys. They seemed more credible than the 2012 group from the first book. They also seemed to have more of a lasting presence going forward.
What made me rate this lower than book 1 was the romance.
I liked Nate he was one of my favorites of the group. He  fits the whole damaged Alpha male part of this couple. Alexis on the other hand was a big NO. She has been a snobby, stuck up sort since the beginning but that didn't bother me. What bothered me was her willingness to sleep with anyone for more power, while saying how in love with Nate she was and she believed completely in the whole destiny mates. Luckily the remaining available guys at the compound weren't interested in playing her game. It did lead to a great "letting steam off" fight between Nate and another. After all this happened, it made it impossible for me to believe them as a complete HEA.
Overall, I'm looking forward to reading the next book. I'm wanting to read more about Rabbit. He is my favorite Hot Mess. I like this better when I go into it as a UF book rather than PNR.

Rating: 3

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