Friday, January 4, 2013

Moon Stalker Street Team ~ Haunted Moon

artwork by Tony Mauro
Haunted Moon (Otherworld #13)
release date: January 29, 2013

Summary: There’s a new Fae sorcerer in town—Bran, the son of Raven Mother and the Black Unicorn—and I’m the unwilling liaison between him and our new Earthside OIA. With cemeteries being ransacked and spirits being harvested by a sinister, otherworldly force, Aeval sends us to rescue the missing wife of a prominent member of the Fae nobility. Our search leads us to the mysterious Aleksais Psychic Network and, ultimately, to face the Lord of Ghosts where Morio and I must undergo a ritual that will plunge us directly into the world of the dead.

Cover ~ The cover for Haunted Moon (done by Tony Mauro) is one of my favorites for this series. I love the blue, it makes it seem lighter than the rest of Camille's books while still capturing the character's essence.

Author Contest ~ There is a month long contest going on at the author's website. The first is a daily YGWYG (you get what you get) contest leading up to the Haunted Moon basket contest. The only rule to enter is that you must answer the question (This month is my (Yasmine) birthday. You get to play my faerie godmother/father. Leave me an unusual/delightful/quirky/hot/happy birthday wish. And no wishes that I'd have kids--I'm not maternal. ;) ). Go to the contest page to enter (here).

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