Wednesday, September 13, 2017

This Week's Reads

City of Light
by Charmedy (DeviantArt)

The Shadow Cipher by Laura Ruby
York #1 (Goodreads)
**I'll admit that I thought this book was titled York and The Shadow Cipher was the series name. Still like the cover just a bit confusing.
This is a middle grade book but the premise sounds really interesting and I've had better luck with middle grade books than some adult ones.

Rare by Joel Sartore
Portraits of America's Endangered Species (Goodreads)
**We really like animals and coffee table books. My son is especially interested in endangered animals so this was one we had to take a look at.

The Flintstones Vol. 1 by Mark Russell, Steve Pugh (Illustrations)
**This was pure nostalgia. I loved this show when I was younger. I saw this one the new shelf at the library and had to grab it.

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  1. I would totally think York is the title of that one! And Rare looks like a nice coffee table book.

    Nice DA pick this week too.