Saturday, June 4, 2011

Book Ideas for Him

June ~ This is the month when I have all the problems finding gifts. Not only is Father's Day later this month, M's Birthday is today (June 4th). Trying to find gifts once can be difficult, twice is even worse. I decided to make a post (or more) about some books/authors that always work around our house.

The Book of Useless Information
By Noel Botham
Published by Perigee Trade

If you or someone you're shopping for loves trivia or just general knowledge info this series is great. There are almost ten books in this series. I love the squirrel and the fact that each book is a different color. It's always  a nice surprise (and easier shopping) when I'm in the store and notice a new color.

Another great gift idea is the annual Best Of... books. No matter what genre your guy reads you can find a set for them. Some of M's favorites are the Penn/O'Henry Prize Stories. This series is edited by Laura Furman and Published by Knopf Doubleday and contains the best short stories of the year.

There is also the annual Best American ... series

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