Friday, November 25, 2011

Book Review ~ Bean There, Done That

Bean There, Done That (Maggy Thorsen Mystery #3)
By Sandra Balzo
Published By Severn House Publishers

SummaryHeres a tip: if your ex-husbands mistress-cum-missus asks for your help in proving that he cheated on her while he was married to you, just say no. And, whatever you do, dont invite her in . . .Coffeehouse owner Maggy Thorsen does just that when Rachel Slattery Thorsen comes knocking on her door. When the new Mrs Thorsen disappears that same evening, Maggy quickly finds herself embroiled in a murder investigation involving Rachels hotelier family Milwaukees answer to the Hiltons.

My Thoughts: The third installment of this series is my favorite so far. The addition of Maggy's ex and his mistress/new wife added something to both the book and Maggy's character. I found myself wanting the ex husband to be guilty. The author did a great job making him the slimy condescending type that you would expect. The romance that has been on the side of this series finally goes somewhere and then somewhere else. While I like Pavlik, I found myself liking Stephen more and hope he shows up in future books.
Overall this book had everything you've come to expect from this series. While I was happy with the whole book I'm not as sold on the conclusion of the mystery. This was another where there were plenty of clues scattered throughout but a few I never would have gotten. Looking forward to fourth book. Hoping for more Amy, she has quickly become my favorite.

Rating: 4

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