Thursday, October 17, 2013

Off Topic ~ What I'm Watching

I'm still in my mini reading slump. I've managed to read some good books but it is still taking me a long time to read them (weeks rather than days).
The new fall tv shows are not helping so I thought I would share some of my thoughts on what I'm watching. I don't often watch when the shows are actually on but try to get them done within the same week they air.

Sundays: Once Upon a Time ~ This series was really hit or miss for me last season. So far it is looking up. I don't really care for the Pan/Henry story but all the side stories surrounding it are keeping me watching. I like the Regina/ Tinker Bell story and it seems to be going for a straight on collision with Mulan/Robin Hood.
Amazing Race ~ I've been watching but not paying enough attention to have a favorite yet. I find the Afghanimals and the girls they call their wives annoying, which means they will last 'til the end.

Mondays: The Voice ~ I've been listening but don't really start paying attention until all the teams are set and they ditch the back (sob) stories.
Bones ~ Thought the end of the Pelant story was anti-climatic but other than that I'm still watching.
Sleepy Hollow ~ This has been entertaining. I don't worry or even pay attention to whether it is historically accurate.  It's all about the characters/story for me. Really like the Abbie/ Ichabod pairing and the fact that it's not a romance thing.

Tuesdays (or the day that everything seems to be on and the DVR complains):  NCIS/ NCIS LA ~ Didn't think it was possible but I've been more interested in the LA episodes than the regular NCIS.
Part of this is because Ziva was my favorite and I'm still bummed she's gone. The other would be that I've always liked the storyline following Callen's family and this weeks episode is fresh in my head. The one romance that I might actually like is Kensi and Deeks.
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ~ Still not sure on this one. I like Coulson and Agent May  but kind of on the fence with the rest. This week's episode was my favorite so far and hinted at some back stories that could keep me watching.
FaceOff ~ I came to the conclusion this week that Tate should win this. No matter what problem anyone else is having he always seems to have the answer and helps them if they need it. Other than that it has played out as expected (for me) the vets seem to be running away with the show. There have been some really great pieces done this season (some really bad as well).
plus hubby records Sons of Anarchy

Wednesday: Criminal Minds ~ This season is starting better than all of last season. The first episode was kind of Ick but the second part made up for it. Final Shot (ep 3) has been one of my favorites in a long time. Everything just seemed to work. From the shootings and possible tie ins with JFK anniversary to learning more about how snipers work it just felt like one of the older episodes.

Thursday: I've been watching Project Runway but that ends this week. This show has gone down a lot in recent seasons. The All Star seasons tend to have better/ more experienced designers but no Tim Gunn. No real favorite, they've had their moments of shining and their duds. I never agree with the judges and don't expect this season to be any different once I see the final episode.
I watched the first episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and was underwhelmed. The characters, costumes, and scenery seemed very bland compared to the main show. I may give it a couple more episodes but don't see it lasting at the moment.

That and watching my Tigers' bats turn to ice in the post season has kept me entertained when my books aren't keeping my attention.

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