Thursday, November 13, 2014

Some Thursday Randomness

Thursday Randomness

I came across this paper artist Wolfram (Paperwolf) and his Esty shop. I find this type of art sometimes more interesting because I know I would not have the patience for some of these pieces.

Book to Movie
Insurgent Teaser Trailer: Movie release 03/20/2015

FabArtDIY put together a list of Nail Art designs for the holidays. I like to paint my nails but cannot see myself taking the time to do some of these. Still, there are a couple (like the one below) that just really grabed my attention.

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  1. That paper fox is like the cutest thing EVAH! I can't wait to see Insurgent in March, but all of my attention is for Mockingjay Part I at the moment. I convinced #1 to watch the first two movies, and come see the former in theaters with me. Score!