Thursday, November 20, 2014

Some Thursday Randomness

Thursday Randomness

There were not many movies that came out this year that my son/family wanted to see. The list for next year just keeps getting longer. Stills were released this week for a new Peanuts movie. My son loves reading the comic strips and watching the cartoons. 

I've been reading various comics/graphic novels. Found the Girl Genius series at my local library. I've read the first book and enjoyed the story and graphics. Then I found the whole series has been archived and available to read online. I haven't read more yet but looking forward to it. website,

So has anyone heard of this site? It's called Indie Arcs. It's like NetGalley but for Indie authors. I created an account but haven't really had the time to look around. It looks more interactive than netGalley. There are book groups, forums, etc. that you can join and connect with other readers and authors. (Website)

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