Thursday, May 28, 2015

Armchair BEA 2015 ~ Visual Expressions


Today's topics are Visual Expressions and Social Media. I am horrible at the social media thing so I'm focusing on the visuals.
Graphic Novels
I'm still exploring and finding my way around the world of graphic novels but am enjoying the search.
Fables by Bill Willingham is still a favorite. It is ending/has ended this year but there are so many offshoots that I'll be reading for a while.

Not sure how new this is but my local library has started stocking a bunch of autobiographies in graphic form. I don't normally read this genre but I find them more enjoyable in this format. Currently reading Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel. I've also read The Complete Persepolis by  Marjane Satrapi (review)

I came across this list(website) that has at least 40 webcomics (that they feel everyone should read). I liked the breakdown they used; finished, rarely updated, etc. I will say I found more plus other opinions in the many many comments of this article. Girl Genius is one that I would recommend (Webcomic)
Fan Art/ Cover Art
I love art of most kinds. Even though we shouldn't, I know I always look at the cover first when deciding on what to read.
One of my favorite cover artists is Tony Mauro (website). He has done many covers for many UF series. These are some of my favorites.
Nalini Singh's
Guild Hunter series
Yasmine Galenorn's
Indigo Court series
Jennifer Estep's
Elemental Assassin series

I also love when I come across great fan art for a book/series I love. DeviantArt is a time suck for me.
A Darker Shade of Magic fan art
by ECALA (deviantArt)
Harry Dresden
by  thegryph (deviantArt)


  1. I'm crazy about picture books. I wish there were more picture books on the shelves of grownups. So much wisdom in picture books.

  2. I'm currently in the middle of Fables and loving it!! About to start Vol. 7. I've also read Fun Home, but to be perfectly honest I didn't adore it. I really need to get into web comics!

  3. Nice! I read Fun Home awhile back. Not sure how much I liked it, but it was definitely interesting, hahah! Persepolis is so badass though!