Friday, May 29, 2015

Armchair BEA 2015 ~ Character Chatter

Today's topics are Character Chatter and Blogging 101.
I fall more into the basic blogger category so nothing really to give in the way of advise. My thing lately is if it's becoming a chore then take a break or cut back. I've only been doing about 3 posts a week this year and with all the real life problems this month I've been lucky to get 1 posted. I do use NetGalley for e arcs when something catches my eye. Just be sure not to get click happy. They add up quick.

Characters: Favorites Love or Hate
I've always loved the quirky side characters. Sometimes even more than the main character/s. The first to come to mind is Nick from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series. He eventually got his own YA series The Chronicles of Nick. I'm still waiting to see how the two series are going to meet up and make sense, and hoping that it works.

She doesn't really fall under quirky or maybe a different type of quirk is Meg from Anne Bishop's The Others series. I love this series and all the characters but Meg is what keeps me reading them.

I can't really think of any one character that I hate enough to remember but I'm sure they will all come to me tomorrow when I see everyone's posts.

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