Sunday, January 2, 2011

Book Review ~ Lust

Lust (The Sins & The Virtues Book 1)
By Charlotte Featherstone
Published By Spice
Received from netGalley for review

Summary (netGalley): Seven sins... Seven virtues... Untold desires.
Of old, humans and Faeries have dwelt side by side in parallel realms. Only the canniest mortals recognize the alluring creatures that often walk—and lie—among them.

The righteous Fae of the Seelie Court cherish an ancient quarrel with their Dark counterparts: a curse born of anger and deceit. The Unseelie Court will perish unless one of its princes can win a woman’s love—honestly, without coercion...and love her wholly in return.
To halt the slow demise of his people, Prince Thane— the embodiment of Lust—infiltrates the Georgian court to seduce his mortal inverse. Noblewoman Chastity Lennox is purity incarnate—a sensual prize well worth winning. But Thane’s carnal quest proves more challenging than he ever dreamed.

No other has ever been able—or willing—to resist his erotic charms. Chastity’s resolve is maddening...and intriguing. It makes him want her all the more. But how best to seduce one who truly seems above temptation? Discover her greatest weakness and become the intoxicating essence of her deepest, most forbidden desires....

Dislikes: I wanted to like this more than I did. The story started out, with a prologue, telling how the curse was placed on the UnSeelie court by the Seelie Queen. We than move forward hundreds of years and are introduced to Niall, the UnSeelie King, and son of the Seelie Queen, who is trying to figure out how to break the curse and save his court. Unfortunately this isn't his book.  I didn't dislike Thane, the keeper of Lust, but he didn't interest my as much as Niall did. Another problem I had was some of the sex scenes. I don't have a problem with these if they are part of the story but there were times when scenes seemed to be recycled. We would have the initial interaction between Thane and Chastity and then it would be replayed by one or both of them and we would get the same scenes all over again. I didn't feel it was needed or move the story forward. 

Likes: I really liked the premise of this series. The UnSeelie King and six Princes, cursed with the seven sins and the only way to break the curse is to find the seven women born with the opposing seven Virtues and have them willingly join them at their court. As I stated above, I really liked Niall's character and I'm interested to find out more about how he has dealt with not only his mother cursing him and his court but deciding to leave him behind and take only his twin brother. Also, the four sisters that we meet and were born with the Virtues are interesting characters, I enjoyed finding out how each lives with their virtue and how it has affected their lives. 

Overall:  I could find myself becoming disinterested if it is just six more books that are the same setup as this. I think as long as the author is able to change up the stories enough to make them their own and still move them forward I will continue this series just to find out what happens.

Rating: 3

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