Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mini Book Review ~ A Tale Dark & Grimm

A Tale Dark & Grimm
By Adam Gidwitz
Published By Dutton Juvenile

Summary (Goodreads): Brooklyn schoolteacher Adam Gidwitz offers imaginative new slants on children's classics in this new collection inspired by nine Grimm Brothers fairy tales. Never before have Hansel and Gretel had an adventure like this!

Overall: This book was very well paced and ended up being a quick read. I enjoyed how the author took several Grimm stories and mashed them together with Hansel and Gretel to make a disturbing, bloody, yet enjoyable read. I was unfamiliar with all the stories used, but the original Hansel and Gretel, so I did not have a problem with the changes made to fit the authors needs.  
The parts where the author interjects to give his warnings and two cents did get a bit tedious after the first couple of times but overall did not ruin the reading experience.

Rating: 4

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