Thursday, May 17, 2012

Book Review ~ Triple Shot

Triple Shot (Maggie Thorsen Mystery#7)
by Sandra Balzo
published by Severn House

*Arc received from author for review

Summary (Goodreads): There's a chill in the Wisconsin air, and it's a shot in the arm--a triple espresso shot--to Uncommon Grounds, the Brookhills coffeehouse owned by Maggy Thorsen and real estate maven Sarah Kingston. Their new autumn drink is a huge success. But two estate agents have died lately, and Sarah herself is under investigation for irregularities at her job.

My Thoughts: This was a nice break from all things paranormal. We are back at the converted train station to coffee house and the problems start on page one. Do you want to brave the cold or the horrible stench that is filling the inside of the station?
I have found as this series goes on, since it takes place in such a small town, any new person that shows up I automatically think they are the bad guy. That's not exactly true with this book but I kept waiting for it throughout. We get a twofer with this book. You have the dead real estate agents and the search for missing mob money. Both stories came together with a few twists and turns and I was satisfied with the ending.
Character wise: Maggy was still the same as she's always been even while trying to become more of a  people person. Pavlik was not in this book as much and I found myself liking his character again because of it. The usual side characters were back and played a bigger role (how many real estate agents do you need in a small town?). I enjoyed getting to know more about the barbies and their drama while still focusing on Maggy and even Sarah.
Overall this was an entertaining, light read that I couldn't put down until the last page. I actually didn't have this one figured out before it was revealed and that always adds to the reading experience.


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