Monday, July 21, 2014

Mini Reviews ~ Blood Lite

Blood Lite (Blood Lite #1)

edited by Kevin J Anderson
genre: Anthologies, Adult, Fantasy, PNR, UF

Summary (Goodreads): The Horror Writers Association Presents Blood Lite...a collection of entertaining tales that puts the fun back into dark fiction, with ironic twists and tongue-in-cheek wit to temper the jagged edge.

My Thoughts: I only read the stories by the authors on the front of the book. I tried reading some of the others but wasn't in the right mood, will try and go back when I have more reading time.
Jim Butcher (Dresden 10.1): Harry's Day Off: Cute story about Harry trying to keep plans for a day off and everything going wrong. From his assistant blowing up his lab to the local were's getting fleas.
Sherrilyn Kenyon (Dark Hunter 15.5): Where Angels Fear to Tread: This was the one that had me turning the page and going wait I want more.
Kelley Armstrong (Otherworld 8.2): The Ungrateful Dead: This was another I enjoyed even though I'm not this far into the series yet (really need to finish).
Overall, I bought this for these three stories and they were worth the price of the book. Since I own the book, if I'm ever looking for new authors I can check out their works in this book.

Rating: 3.5(on stories read)

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