Thursday, November 12, 2015

Some Thursday Randomness

Two movies that I'm looking forward to seeing eventually...
Finding Dory 

 Alice Through the Looking Glass

Finally watched season three of Arrow. It was a very up and down season for me. I liked most of the regular story-line but the Hong Kong flashbacks were very dull and didn't add enough to warrant being added. Need to watch season one of The Flash so some episodes or comments would make more sense.

I'll admit I don't really watch any of the housewives shows. They just have never grabbed my interest. Yet, I find myself loving Ladies of London. I don't know if it's their accents, locations, or what but I find it much more interesting with some trainwreck goodness thrown in.

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  1. I agree about Arrow, I'm kinda sick of the flashbacks at this point. I know he was away for 5 years, but man it just goes on and on. :) And he was back in Starling City at one point? Hmm. okay.

    I've just started Flash myself and find it a little boring, but Felicity showed up in Ep 4 and that spruced things up. I don't think his supporting cast is as strong, but I'm going to stick with it.