Saturday, March 12, 2011

Book Review ~ Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale
By Cyn Balog
Published By Delacorte Books

Summary (Goodreads): Morgan Sparks has always known that she and her boyfriend, Cam, are made for each other. But when Cam’s cousin Pip comes to stay with the family, Cam seems depressed. Finally Cam confesses to Morgan what’s going on: Cam is a fairy. The night he was born, fairies came down and switched him with a healthy human boy. Nobody expected Cam to live, and nobody expected his biological brother, heir to the fairy throne, to die. But both things happened, and now the fairies want Cam back to take his rightful place as Fairy King.

Even as Cam physically changes, becoming more miserable each day, he and Morgan pledge to fool the fairies and stay together forever. But by the time Cam has to decide once and for all what to do, Morgan’s no longer sure what’s best for everyone, or whether her and Cam’s love can weather an uncertain future.

My Thoughts: I had a really hard time with this book and almost didn't write this because of how I felt about the book.  It starts out with Morgan holding courting complaining because some freshman hasn't come back with the fries she wants yet. This character just devolves from there. Throughout the whole book she is very much a me, me, me type character. Cam and Pip do redeem this book a bit, both characters were interesting and the book would have benefited with more focus on them.  Everything that happens to Cam is just mentioned instead of being a part of the book, example we're told that he is having lessons (draining lessons) on being a fairy but we never get to see these or find out what the training is.  I spent the second half of the book hoping that the author was leading up to some character growth with Morgan and she would become the person that Cam kept describing her as (strong, able to take care of herself). I didn't feel it ever happened and I also didn't enjoy how easily Morgan was able to switch from Cam (the love of her life) to Pip, it just seemed to transition to smoothly considering the history her and Cam had. 

Rating: 3 I ended up giving this a 3 because even though I didn't enjoy the overall story it was still well written. It was well paced and an easy quick read.

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  1. I've always wondered about this one and I'm glad I read this one. Now I know. :)