Thursday, April 7, 2016

Some Thursday Randomness

Around the Web Shops
Hot Topic has a collection called DC Comics Bombshells (website). I don't wear dresses but the ones they have are cute. My favorite was the Harley Quinn aviator jacket.
Jasmine Becket-Griffith is one of my favorite artists. HautTotes (Esty) has a large selection of her artwork on their bags.

Tristan Eaton did some street art based on Atom from Dc's Legends of Tomorrow. I'm liking this show so far. Not fully caught up but still good.

Disney revealed some of the new characters that will be showing up in Finding Dory (website). The otters were my favorites.
Summer Landscape-Twilight
by pin 100 (deviantArt)
Ying Yang
by Juneau 88 (deviantArt)
by TsaoShin (DeviantArt)
HTTYD: The Wind Waker
by TsaoShin (DeviantArt)

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