Thursday, April 28, 2016

Some Thursday Randomness

Around the House
I like weird, quirky, unique things. Especially household items. Came across the site Medieval Collectibles (website) and wanted just about everything.
Dragon Bookends
Dragon Cross Table
Geared Steampunk Dragon

Wizard - Blood and Fire Hydra (fan art)
by  DarkAkelarre (DeviantArt)

Shenlong the rainbringer
by  VampirePrincess007 (deviantart)

I'm always looking for new books. I came across this series by Naomi Novik called Temeraire. It is an alternate history series based on the Napoleonic Wars but with dragons. The first book is His Majesty's Dragon.(Goodreads)

Haven't read any of these books but the video is cute.

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  1. DRAGONS!!!! Yesssssss. Anything dragon-related is always a win for me.

    Also, I see you're reading The Beast. Can't wait to see what you think!