Thursday, April 21, 2016

Some Thursday Randomness


The Oxford English Dictionary has a birthday word generator. It will tell you a word that first showed up in the year you were born. Mine was "Nip and Tuck". You can find the generator here (website).

I enjoy watching a good lip sync battle. Add that to Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) doing Britney Spears in outfit and I cannot wait to see this one tonight (Thursday on Spike).

Butterfly Effect
by JanainaArt (deviantArt)
I found Becca (Dragons and Beasties)when looking around Deviant Art. She makes some gorgeous (and just plain cute) sculptures.
Taco Dragons
by Dragons and Beasties (DeviantArt)
Gem Dragons
by Dragons and Beasties (DeviantArt)
Rainbow Unicorns
by Dragons and Beasties (DeviantArt)

One of my favorite authors is Sherrilyn Kenyon. She is also one of the first authors I read that was geared more towards fantasy than straight romance or mysteries. My favorite character from her Dark Hunter series has always been Nick. I'm ready for his YA series to catch up to where they are in the DH world. New book comes out in May of this year.

Buzzfeed had a list of the 41 Most Suspenseful books. I've been getting back into this genre after straying away for a few years. Found some new ones and others that I've already read and loved.

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  1. I like the dragons, especially the taco ones! Too cute... I love deviantArt, so much good stuff. I'll have to go check out her page.