Saturday, May 14, 2016

Armchair BEA 2016 ~ Surviving Fictional Worlds

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Today we'll talk about surviving fictional worlds. We all know that sometimes, the worlds we love in fiction can be dangerous. Which fictional worlds would you want to live in? Which worlds do you never want to dive into? Which worlds are you content to stay behind the glass, so to speak, rather than wishing to dive through the page? And once you get there, what would you do?

**I think I wouldn't mind Kenyon's Dark Hunter world. It's modern day but with the addition of supernatural beings. At the same time not sure I would want to live in NOLA in her world.
They are watching
by Nightscream 452 (DeviantArt)

I wouldn't mind exploring Hogwarts. Maybe not as a student but I'm sure I could find plenty to do and see.
Back at Hogwarts
by Alea Lefevre (deviantArt)
Sticking with the UF/ Fantasy theme. I was reading a Jim Butcher graphic novel from his Dresden Files series and realized I wouldn't want to live in his Chicago. Between the mafia, councils, vampire courts and everything else you can think of there is nowhere you can turn to get away from it all.
The Dresden Files: Your Story
by charro art (DeviantArt)
Have a Happy and Safe Reading Weekend!


  1. Who doesn't want to go to Hogwarts? Seriously. Haha.
    Gabriella M Reads
    My Armchair BEA post.

  2. I think most of the fantasy worlds are fraught with dangers that I'm not sure I want to deal with. Girl Who Reads

  3. So many YA Lit worlds are safest enjoyed from the comfort of our favorite armchairs. Otherwise, I'd be scared I'd not make the return trip back. ;)