Thursday, May 19, 2016

Influenster #SuperMomVoxBox Product Reviews

I was lucky enough to be chosen for the Super Mom VoxBox from Influenster (website/referral link). Everything included is something that someone in the house will use.  Besides the products there is a coupon for a free Daisy sour cream. We have used this brand before and liked the squeeze bottle for some things but not others.

**All products were complimentary for review purposes and did not influence my opinions. 

Suave Kids Purely Fun: Son used this. Worked well on his hair he doesn't usually use conditioner so there was a difference from that. He did get some in his eyes and said that it still stung but only a little and stopped very quickly.
Suave Coconut Oil Repair: I only used a little of this but I liked what it did for my hair. During the summer my hair gets oily easily so wanted to use sparingly. My hair had a nice shine to it and it kept all the flyaways under control. I also really loved the smell.
Secret Outlast: This is the type of deodorant I use daily. I've tried other types and always end up coming back to Secret. I like the way it feels (non sticky) and it lasts throughout the day with me feeling like it has to be reapplied.
Palmolive Fusion Clean: Our house is older and does not have a dishwasher so this is another thing that we use daily. This is a baking soda and lime combo. It started making suds as soon as the water hit it and I liked the fact that they stayed until I was done with all the dishes. It also worked well in removing any dried food that hadn't been rinsed off. 
Plackers Flossers: Kids Flossers with a fruit smoothie flavoring. My son thought they were easy to use but said there was no flavor to them.
Pilot Acroball pens: We received one each of the PureWhite and Colors (Pink). I liked these pens. Favorite thing was the cushioned grip. It is definitely more comfortable to hold while filling out paperwork. Our son loves writing and drawing things out on paper and will probably get more use out these. He's not crazy about pink (the only color he dislikes) but will still use it.

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