Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Off Topic ~ Tuesday

I originally started this blog to vent about a character I didn't like in a book. I've decided to take a day a week/month, whenever I fell the need to vent about random stuff. So here is my why,why, why for today.

I've been walking at our local mall in the mornings trying to get into a shape that is decidedly not round. There are a lot of groups of people that come and walk before the mall opens. My why is...why,why (possibly how) do people go walk, get in a good work out, they're all sweaty and then proceed to go to the food court and drink a cup of HOT coffee. EWWW! The last thing I want after working out is something hot to drink. I guess this is a preference thing but still makes me go ewww. Also, the couples that walk around holding hands. Not the leisurely window browsing walking but the power walkers. I don't want to be holding someones sweaty gross hand while walking. Maybe I'm just not romantic enough.
OK so this is probably not all that interesting but it's no longer in my head so I have room to worry about something else.
Have a Great Week everyone and Happy Reading!

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