Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Little About Me ~ I'm a Disney Geek

I have always been a fan of the Disney Princess and not just because of the movies. I used to have a boxed set of books featuring all their fairytales. My favorite was Sleeping Beauty and it was always the first one I grabbed to read.
While looking through Pinterest (evil time suck) I came across this site Geek Tyrant (love). There were some post on pocket princesses which I recommend but what grabbed me was the following. They titled it Disney Princesses as Fighting Warriors. I see it more as Disney meets Urban Fantasy (one of my fave genres). While Aurora is my favorite princess, she wasn't of this set. That went to Snow White followed closely by Ariel.
Series is done by  DeviantArt artist joshwmc.

I love the darkness of it and the bleeding apple on the front of her shirt. She just looks evil, but in a good way.

I'm not as sure what I like about this one, I just do.

There is just a little about me. Are you a Disney Geek? Do you have a favorite princesses or fairy tale?


  1. I'm a Disney geek too! My favorite Disney princess is Aurora too and I love the pocket princesses-always so happy to go there and see a new drawing :)

  2. Me too! When I went to Disney World last year, I had to get a picture with every single princess. My parents got so annoyed lol.