Thursday, July 19, 2012

Book Review ~ Hunt the Moon

Hunt the Moon (Cassandra Palmer #5)
by Karen Chance
published by Signet Select
genre: Adult, Paranormal

Summary (full @Goodreads): Cassandra Palmer recently defeated a god, which you’d think would buy a girl a little time off. But it doesn’t work that way when your new job description is Pythia—the world’s chief clairvoyant. Cassie is busier than ever, trying to learn about her power, preparing for her upcoming coronation, and figuring out her relationship with the enigmatic sexy master vampire, Mircea...

**I'm going to try and do this without any spoilers. It will be kinda rant filled though.

My Thoughts: It took me a week to read this, which is way to long for this type and size book.
First, as you may know if you've been here before, I hate love triangles. They are my biggest pet peeve in PNR/UF books. They make the storyline chaotic and the heroine(hero) weak because they are unable to make a decision. By the time they do make a decision half the reading audience is going to throw the book across the room because they didn't pick their favorite. I don't see how making half your readers mad at you/your series makes good business sense.
Which leads to this book. I'll be honest, I don't like Pritkin. I'm not on team Mircea either but at least when Cassie is with the vamps she has some kind of backbone. Since she grew up around them she has built up a defense/defiance to them that makes her seem like the kick ass heroine she should be. Whenever she is around Pritkin she just seems to be a weak, jello-ish blah with no backbone. The scenes (even the battle ones) when she was with him are the ones that made me put the book down. She cannot make a decision when she is with him without questioning herself ad nauseam. I also can't get it out of my head that he is half Demon. People seem to forget this. That means he is not as great as everyone thinks and he is hiding a large part of himself from everyone. Just because he says one thing does not mean it's true (he is part demon, who lived in the demon realm for a long time).
Character wise, I think the only one left that I like is Marco. I did like Fred. How can you not like a vampire accountant named Fred. One of the best moments in the book (which is not a good thing). Also, what happened to Billy. He was around for like two sentences in this whole book. Seemed very inconsistent with what we know of these characters.
Story wise, I liked where the author was going. The battle with the children of the Gods, finding out who/what Cassie's mother was (I cannot be the only one that was thinking "this is how I want Cassie to be in this series"), and Cassie finally accepting who she is and the power that goes with it. All of this worked for me. The battle scenes were a little chaotic. I had trouble following the one that took place in Vegas. Kept thinking I missed something.
Overall, I'm torn. Parts worked and others didn't. The ending made me think that we are going to be filled with lots of Pritkin in the next book so I can't say that I'm looking forward to it. I want Cassie to win in the end but I don't really want to see her with either of the men she is with now. I will probably read it but we'll see. This review is way to long so I'll stop now.

Rating: 3.5

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