Thursday, July 12, 2012

NBUs ... What Other ~ The Hobbit

This is a new feature I'm starting where I can talk about just about anything, including books. I will be sharing art/artists that I enjoy as well as some of my favorite recipes. The what other is just that, what ever other thing I can think of to talk about.

Today is another What Other day. I have been looking forward to The Hobbit since The Lord of The Rings movies came out and it was just a whisper of talk. These were also the only movies my and hubby had to see in theaters instead of waiting for them to come out on DVD (now it's mostly animated movies with the little one).
The official The Hobbit Blog has a lot of great stuff about the movies and the making of them. Another great site for great info is The One

One of my favorite characters of both the books and the movies is Gandalf and he is featured on the Comic Con poster.
Movie Trailer

Anyone else looking forward to this movie? If not what movie are you waiting for?

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