Thursday, July 5, 2012

NBUs Art, Eats, & What Other...

This is a new feature I'm starting where I can talk about just about anything, including books. I will be sharing art/artists that I enjoy as well as some of my favorite recipes. The what other is just that, what ever other thing I can think of to talk about.

Today is a What Other day! I'm in a reading slump.

Now lets clarify, I'm not having any problems reading. I still read everyday. I just find myself having trouble finding books that I enjoy. The new books I've been reading haven't been bad. Most have been rather good. It's more I feel like I'm reading them just to say I've read them rather than because I want to.
Has anyone had this problem? I'm not sure how to fix it except to just keep reading until I find that one book that turns it around.
I've started rereading old series lately as well. Current series that I've already read and am reading again include... Mercy Thompson series from Patricia Briggs, Riley Jenson Guardian series from Keri Arthur, Dark Hunters by Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Otherworld/ Sisters of the Moon from Yasmine Galenorn. Reading these series may be the only thing keeping me reading. I know going in that I enjoy them so there's no risk there.
Hopefully things turn around. I've got some books in from the library that I've been waiting for so fingers crossed. Until then I'll have to come up with some books to review or something else to post about :)

Happy Reading and Have a Great Week Everyone!!

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